2 comments on “Perseverance Must Finish Its Work

  1. In the famous words of WJ “Bill” Clinton, “I feel your pain.” God has a sense of humor and it is called perseverance, I have felt Him laughing at me many times for reluctance to get a move on. I know it was not outright rebellion but most of the time it was laziness or a lack of spiritual energy. Then one day, like a bolt of lightning, He hits you and you cannot stop, the wife complains, the children tug at your sleeve but you persevere. That’s God way of poking fun and laughing at us for finally getting the lead out and getting a move on. He truly does love us and I sincerely appreciate your kind compliments. Be blessed until the blessed call you blessed. Minister GN Greene (gngreene@thethirdcross.org)

    • Yes! I know what you are talking about, Minister Greene. The laziness and lack of spiritual energy along with the bad habit of procrastination gets me in trouble a lot. I hope to build on this momentum going forward. Only with God’s help thru Christ will I persevere. Although my daughter has the endearing character of RUTH portrayed in the bible, she is human and I do expect her to grumble sometimes. 🙂 I’m sure I would too. Thankfully she loves the Lord and understands. Thank you for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement. I’m glad I found your blog. God bless you.

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