14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: HOT

  1. That is a tad warm! Here is Bulgaria it is 37% in the shade..I am not sure what that converts too but I think that it is also warm, It is beautiful at night when the sun has gone and the breeze blows cool. I lay out in the Summer House listening to music until it is very dark. Wonderful Time!

    Yes, Friends , Romans & Countrymen ( anyone actually) STAY COOL !!!!

    • Hello, glad you stopped by. I’m not sure what 37% is either. It’s good that you get cool breezes at night and able to enjoy your time outside. Our nights are warm and humid. I’m certainly not a fan of hot and humid days, or nights. Thanks for commenting. Take care.

    • Yep, it would be a great time to cry, our tears could mix with our sweat. No one would be the wiser. 🙂 Stay cool up there in NYC.
      Thanks for coming in and leaving your greetings, Patti.

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