6 comments on “Thankful Thursday: Daughters. John Legend. NASA’s Final Mission Atlantis.

  1. America has much to be proud of with Atlantis and its crews over the years.
    The Russian/American partnership is good. Two great powers working together.
    Together they will forge ahead in the Space Programme and make progress instead of vying against each other for supremecy.


    • Hi Happy. Thanks so much for coming in and leaving your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed what I had to say. I will be posting Thankful Thursday every week. If you are so inclined please join me and use tag: Thankful Thursday: TOPIC; so I can follow you. Would love to read your posts.
      I just searched Thankful Thursday and others have been using the tag as well. Didn’t know that. Will subscribe to your blog to follow it. Thanks again for coming by.

  2. Good reasons to be thankful. We should find more things to be thankful for and less things to gripe about it.

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