5 comments on “My Dream House – topic #198

  1. There is a lot that we can do in dreaming , but reality is a bit different.
    However if we do not dream then we have nothing to attain..so keep on dreaming

    • This big dream came to me while writing. Was totally amazed how it expanded. I don’t even feel a need to ever be in a house like this but it was fun day-dreaming about it (however I do want love, peace and loved ones wherever I call home). Thanks for coming in and leaving your words of wisdom, misswhiplash. Much appreciated.

  2. wow, your dream home sounds amazing! Mine is a little simpler, I guess. Would like enough space to be comfortable and a nice size back yard for a dog or two. Plus good health and happiness and loved ones to share it with.

    • Yours may be simple, but very meaningful, NeeNee. If good health, happiness, and love is in our homes then we are indeed blessed. Thank you for stopping in and leaving your comments. Greatly appreciated.

  3. I’m Ukrainien, amd i’m 14 years old
    it’s beatiful, unreal, amazing!
    the text is exelent? i’ve got a great mark!

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