2 comments on “Worthless Wednesday: HawthoRNe – Jury Is Still Out

  1. We don’t get that show at the moment – it’s probably available via SKY but I won’t touch that whilst Murdoch is involved. We have similar script lines happening in Holby City and Casualty – though both shows do throw in a healthy (?) amount of major accidents and social issues type episodes. My wife enjoys both of those series.

    To be honest – it was the photo of the Imperious looking young lady that caught my attention initially but I enjoyed your view on the subject of TV medical dramas šŸ™‚

    • Hi 2e0mca, thanks for stopping by. I greatly appreciate your comments. I totally understand about the SKY situation.
      I picked up interest to watch this drama when I saw Jada being interviewed by a talk show host, and a small clip was provided. I set my clock on phone and reminders on tv. I was ready for a good drama at least one night a week. The last time I dutifully watched a drama series was when the first CSI program came on many years ago. About the 3rd season they changed the night it aired so I lost interest. This new show has become too predictable to continue watching. Got to move on…find something more productive to do.

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