4 comments on “Talk Back Tuesday: YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK

  1. We need jobs . Very true. But we also need a cushion for the middle income like me who despite working hard seems unable to survive the tax increases, the medical costs and insurance, the drowning mortgage and property taxes. They say that it only takes a matter of time when the middle income people burdened by the economy will eventually think of giving up their homes and endless debt so they can simply live and enjoy their life. It’s sad but it’s happening as we speak. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree, the middle income family is getting hit hard. Has been for a very long time now. It is time for tax reforms, vote corrupt politicians out, and diminish the power of unions and lobbyists.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, island. Greatly appreciated.

  2. I agree. We’re privatizing too many government jobs. If you go to usajobs.com, you’ll see that many agencies like the State Department have to farm out jobs to contractors to appease Republicans. Because these companies must make a profit, we’re paying more than we need to and the American who takes the job has no job security as they would if they worked for the government. Moreover, many jobs in management for the government have term limits. You can’t work say as a Peace Corps manager for more than 3 years. These jobs used to be secure though they may not pay great and no one gets a huge bonus.

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