3 comments on “Oh, the comfort…

  1. George Eliot was either talking about his faith in The Lord which is how I would enterpret that piece of writing or else he had a very very close friend

    • I would agree on both counts, misswhiplash. But, I would take it even further to say that they were one in the same. I can relate to the Lord as my very close and dearest friend. Someone who knows all my thoughts before I’m even aware of them. He helps me sort them out. Takes what I don’t need away and gives me wisdom to act on what’s left. It still rests on my shoulders to do the right thing in His eyes. Sometimes I fail miserably in that area. Sometimes I’m left with thoughts of still not knowing what to do. Because sometimes I compare the Lord’s kindness with people’s kindness. And, therein, lies my discomfort in safely disclosing all my thoughts.

      Thanks for your visit and sharing your thoughts, misswhiplash.

  2. Good friends or family are hard to come by but when you find one, they’re someone that will stick with you no matter what. Life’s trials are easier to carry when another person walks with you , shares with you and listens to your every pain. Great post.

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