One comment on “Mental Health Group Looks To Remove Stigma From Pedophilia – Fox News

  1. Is this an underhanded attempt for this organization to admit that its professionals are unable to do the job they were trained, and being paid to do? Instead, it seems they prefer to transfer the responsibility of “helping pedophiles” onto the shoulders of the public by suggesting we not “criminalize” the actions of these “minor-attracted” individuals. “Minor-attracted”?!! My goodness, they can’t even call them CHILDREN? Mind you, they’re only innocent vulnerable victims of deranged acts. Shout it out, they are CHILDREN! I just want to know what part of “pedophilia” did they not comprehend while getting their knowledge in school? Duh, that’s right – hence reason for name-change. They’re trying to circumvent the laws by making their deviant behaviors more palatable to would-be sympathizers.

    This is what the real professionals say in the article:

    Critics of the conference say it was a thinly veiled attempt to make children of any age sexually accessible to adults.

    “Absolutely,” Dr. Judith Reisman, a visiting professor of law at Liberty School of Law said. “Oh, they’re very clear about that. Their goal is to take all shame out of the lust for children.”

    The American Psychiatric Association did not participate in the conference, and evidently does not condone the group’s message.

    “An adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and immoral act and this is never considered normal or socially acceptable behavior,” the APA wrote in a 2003 position statement.

    So, I agree with the real professionals. There are laws already on the books for this type of behavior. If professionals can’t help these people, the answer certainly isn’t in pushing them into mainstream and pretending that no immoral or criminal act was committed.

    It would be good for society, in general, if those in charge of enforcing the law, actually did it. That’s my view. What say you?

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