9 comments on “Everyone’s digging for that last dime.

  1. what a very sensible person you are. Unfortunately there are people out there who will fall for this garbage and then find they have more debts than they can cope with.
    You stay firm, do not waiver, its better to be poor without debts than to have debts and still be poor…. oh my oh my,,what is the world coming to

    • Thanks for the good advice, misswhiplash. I shall stay firm and won’t go into debt. Our young people trying to get a higher education are really vulnerable to this scheme. That don’t realize how enslaving it is. By the time they do, they are in way over their heads and feel so helpless and hopeless. Our children need early education on this subject.

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  3. I like how you think. If only more people think like you. I think one problem why there’s more on welfare which you and I pay for as tax payers is that a lot of people don’t want to work and sweat for it. It’s one story to loose a job but its being lazy for not trying to find one. More and more middle income are suffering because they are now tax more than ever. As for stopping credit cards, I’m 100percent for that. I think they’re an evil temptation. How they get away with it really is really disturbing. Great post.

    • I do try to raise awareness as to what’s going on. Many people are busy running here and there. They don’t take the time to read the fine print, literally. I’ve been guilty of it on numerous occasions. Creditors know we don’t read so they really keep us in bondage when we aren’t knowledgeable. Once you learn though, you refuse to go back. And that’s my mindset today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Credit cards are definitely a trap. It’s better not to have them but at the same time how do you get a good credit score so you can qualify for big purchases later on?
    I am faring in this economy by sticking to off brand products and using coupons as much as possible. It is worth it to by one of those City discount books if you are the type of person that likes to eat out.

    • Good advice, NeeNee. I am familiar with the City coupon books. They are good for cutting cost on eating meals out and other entertainment events. As for credit cards and good credit, think about it. Do you think the rich and famous use credit cards to get a good credit score. I think not! They want us to believe it, though. The best way to get a good credit score is to pay bills on time, and try paying more than required. Also, I like dealing with credit unions. Their fees are low or non-existent. You can save your money there and pay in cash on big ticket items. Hope this works for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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