5 comments on “4 Things I Learned From Politics

  1. Although I no longer live in England I still keep up what is going on there.

    Seems to me that politics all over the world is absolute c**p! They all say one thing and mean another. Promises made before election are immediately broken on gaining power. The reason given is the debt left by the out-going government.

    There are three things one should not discuss, Politics, religion and SEX..everyone has completely different views

    • You’re right, Misswhiplash. It is all full of c**p. LOL! I realize everyone has different views, and I appreciate that. My views have changed over the years. I realized that if I allowed my employees to ride roughshod over my company, I would eventually lose it. That’s what the American political system is doing. I have taken noticed and expressing my views. Thanks so much for your feedback. 🙂

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