5 comments on “Moolah Monday: Do We Have Economic Freedom?

  1. With our rights, we have a responsibility to the larger community as well. None of us are islands. There is “some truth” on all sides, but this conversation is in the extreme. This is an “all or nothing” discussion. As a society, we DO have a level of responsibility for each other, not the complete welfare state these guys imply that the left advocates, nor the total libertarian “I got mine the hell with you,” these folks appear to espouse. These guys imply that we do not have a right to own a business, we do not have economic rights. Where the h*** does that come from? I do have those rights. I do have a right to earn a living and no one has taken that away from me. We do have rights, but rights with responsibility which seems to be the piece that is left out of this discussion. In reality there is no such thing as a “level playing field.” There are hard working people who happen to be too poor to get insurance. There are career people who through no fault of their own find themselves unemployed and homeless, or suffering from some debilitating disease preventing them from doing the work they have done for years. There are countless children who literally cannot take care of themselves (food, shelter, health-care) and the list goes on. Do we as a society turn our backs on them? Strong societies provide safety nets for the weakest in society. The weakest among us are being blamed for the ills of this country while the many of the strongest and the richest are failing in their responsibility to the larger society (some will argue with me on this one, but I stand by the statement). This is not about anger because someone is rich, or expecting the rich to give up their wealth for those who are poor. What is wrong with asking ALL people to give their fair share to the society that has supported, educated, fed, clothed, housed, and protected them? These guys are absolutely off-base and distorting the facts. The problem is folks don’t question them. We must question everything that is said from the right and from the left, from republicans and from democrats, and especially from tea partiers who seem not to be familiar with laws and the constitution.

    I will quit now. Sorry. This is your blog and I got started. . .I need to stop now, but I don’t think there is any doubt about my stance.

    Wow, what a provocative post! I look forward to hearing what others think. Thanks (and forgive me if I’ve ranted too long or inappropriately.)

    • Hi Cecelia! Thank you for commenting. You don’t need to feel that you’ve ranted too long here. The site is open for comments from every angle and point of view. I appreciate you taking the time to share yours. I, too, look forward to reading what others are thinking. Thanks again!

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