8 comments on “Bless You! Bless Me!

  1. I’m still baffled why they were not saying it to you… Is there a back-story that we are not privy to? I say it sometimes, but not routinely as I am aware some people might not want it said to them… I say bless you to myself too. Thought provoking post! 🙂

    • I was the new kid on the block – the new employee – got promoted fairly quickly. I didn’t have time to enjoy peer to peer relationships before promotion. As a result, co-workers found me threatening. I worked in a medical lab and there were a lot of recent graduates that wanted to shoot up the ladder. It was an odd situation but it taught me to thicken up my skin if I was going to be in a leadership position. Aint nothing else like that on-the-job training, is there? 🙂 Thanks for stopping in.

  2. We can find all kinds of things to make us feel badly about ourselves, huh? I do not any longer follow a sneeze with those words. As I have come to discover the thought behind the tradition is to banish the devils that are being released from that sneeze. I will readily bless others when I am so moved-just not after a sneeze…can’t take part in the superstition.

    • That’s for sure! Some things will completely break us down but if we find the noble purpose in going thru them, we’ll be all the better for it when we come out on the other side. I heard of that superstition, too. I guess that’s why it delights me to say “God bless you” and “bless you” after sneezes knowing I’m banishing the devils away. Yeah, they’re under my feet. Praise God! Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

  3. Sometimes, people are really mean and inconsiderate. I thought it was unkind of their reponse to you. They were being selective. But you’re right by saying ” God bless to yourself.” No one knows better than you that God has been good to you and that he’s on your side. His love for you is all that matters. In end those who thought they are better than others will be humbled. A blessed day to you, and yes, ” God bless you!” with or without sneezing.

  4. I always thought saying Bless You was just common courteousy. I had never heard of the meaning behind it and kind of wish I still didn’t know. I am glad you were able to turn your negative situation into a positive.

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