4 comments on “Moolah Monday: The Fruit of Our Labor!?!

  1. Great stirring post my friend. I’m not into high tech stuff but I had to get one or two to adapt. I use my computer to most write or for work. As for the iphone, the think I like about are the camera applications and pandora music. Sure its cool to browse the net with our phone but it has a price and just the monthly subscription. We lost our freedom in a way, freedom from cohersion of the media, commercialism and simply to live a simple life. I bet when I stop my iphone I may go on withdrawal same as the rest of the planet. Hopefully not soon. Thank you for the recent comment. Just inspiring. God bless you and your family always.

  2. Even though I’m plugged in like you and millions of others, I don’t tune in as much to the noise. I refuse to download new apps unless necessary and I switch it off when I’m home… Enough is enough! 🙂

  3. In a way the smart phones are good to be able to access the internet and email from anywhere but we can’t rely on gadgets to do everything for us. We need to use our brains sometimes. I don’t even know the phone #s of my closest relatives because i just tap on their name.

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