2 comments on “Why OCCUPY Should Move On…

  1. This story does demonstrate counterproductivity, but, I’m not sure that it alone is reason enough to discontinue the movement. I honestly don’t know that the movement itself can achieve any productive change anyway, so dismantling would probably be good to avoid any further problems that could be typical when large crowds gather. Thanks for this thought-provoking post!

  2. The British said the same thing when the Colonist protested “taxation without representation” and look what it got us, The United States of America. The right to peaceful protest may be counterproductive and inconvenient for some but 45-days is hardly enough time to render a judgement on its productivity and-or future benefit. Where else in the world can thousands of citizens in hundreds of cities assemble and protest their government without tanks and armored personnel carriers on the street? God bless America and the inconvenience of civil liberties.

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