12 comments on “R.I.P. Whitney Houston

    • I am so sad…my heart is breaking…and tears are streaming down my face right now. I remember singing along whenever her songs came on the radio – I worked the night shift and no one was around – I sung to the top of my lungs, “I Will Always Love You”. I wrote a post recognizing her as the only celebrity with the great talent to sing our national athem with love here http://wp.me/p1Cyea-OY. My heart breaks for her family.

  1. I’m glad you posted about this sad passing. I had the radio on when the announcement was made and it just made me so sad. Such a great talent and so many struggles. I feel so sad for her children, don’t you? My goodness! Debra

  2. Thank you for sharing. I received an alert on my iPhone about her passing. I was so surprised. She was very young. She had a beautiful voice. May she rest in peace. And may people remember more of the good than the bad.

    • All I remember is the greatness in Whitney. I’m fortunate that I wasn’t caught up with all the reports of her struggles because those times are not what I wish to remember. Whitney’s songs came along at a time in my life when I was under a lot of pressure. She helped me get through those times. She is loved and will be greatly missed. I do hope people will remember her great talent and amazing gift for singing. She was one of the greatest in the world.

  3. heard the news this afternoon and i was glued to the TV for a couple of hours. hard to believe. while it is true that the music world has lost a great voice, my heart goes out to her family.
    thanks for posting this tribute.

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