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  2. I haven’t had as strong a reaction as you are describing, but I have felt very, very sad! I watched the memorial and was blessed by the beautiful musical tributes and all I kept thinking was that the service was not for a huge “STAR,” but for a mother, daughter and dearly loved friend. I was very moved! I, too, pray for her family and friends, and hope that all who loved Whitney have had a chance to think about the words spoken that day. The words to the song “Tomorrow” will be in my head for a long time! You obviously have a very tender heart, and tears are appropriate! Debra

  3. I was shocked and saddened when I heard of Whitney Houston’s passing. I too watched the funeral and started to tear up when R Kelly started to sing. I am sorry to hear of your mother’s sudden death and will keep you in my prayers as well as the Houston family.

  4. It was a bittersweet service with lots of touching tributes… But I lost it on that final exit. Every time I watch it I cry deeply… so, so sad. RIP Whitney.

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