5 comments on “Is Abortion Merely a “Choice”?

  1. To use abortion as a means of “birth control” is indeed unconscionable and the videos, pictures and descriptions of what happens to the fetus is horrific. This being said, abortion is a choice and not a choice by others to impose upon the women that wish to exercise that choice. There are many legitimate reasons to opt for abortion and it is wrong to try to take the choice away from the women that need the service.
    Living with the aftermath of having an abortion cannot possibly be easy and most likely can lead to a sadness and heaviness of the heart that will last a lifetime. The majority of people do not enter come to a decision about terminating a pregnancy lightly nor are they cavalier about it. These women are not evil nor are they murderers and it is not for any of us to judge them. And if you actually do follow your “faith” as you proclaim, then you already know all of this.
    Life is not as black and white as many would like to pretend.

    • If one wants to be an advocate for pro-choice it shouldn’t be only about abortion. Abortion is one of several choices.

      Men and women having unprotected sex results in a profitable business in any land and society. Boys and girls, of all ages, need all the information not only on the choices they have, but of other consequences of having unprotected sex such as sexually transmitted diseases; and a lifetime of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

      Abstinence is the best-better-good first choice a person has before deciding to have unprotected sex. If they decide against it, the only other choices would be bad, terrible, and worse (to borrow from one of my favorite abstinent advocate, Pam Stenzel). Unfortunately, the latter choices carry life long and painful consequences.

      Because of my faith I’m able to stand in my convictions against abortion. My faith keeps me out of that dark place I have at one time in my past been caught up in. One day I chose against unprotected sex – that choice made all the difference in my life, but of course by then my life was already set up on a pay back schedule as a consequence of not taking that best-better-good first choice.

      Men and women, boys and girls, should be taught to take a pro-active look at all of the choices. “Pro-choice” advocating for abortion should not be the end all/be all choice a person has. In this area, I think capitalism have driven this conversation for far too long.

      Would love to hear what others have to say.

      Thanks for your visit, jeg700, and for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

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