3 comments on “Self-discipline

  1. He also said, “It’s the habit that’s important. Success is often not the result of our major decisions, but more deceptively it is the aggregate sum total of all our small and seemingly insignificant ones. Success comes down to choosing the hard right over the easy wrong. Consistently.”

  2. I’m not sure if I ever agreed with that saying “hard right over easy wrong”. It is not always hard for people to do the right thing and not easy to do the wrong thing.
    I find that it is easier to be honest than to lie, easier to be helpful than to try to ignore and easier to be compassionate rather than be apathetic. Breaking the law is unthinkable to me, whether it be civil laws or moral laws, the thought never enters my mind.
    If most people find it easier to do the wrong thing does that mean they are constantly fighting their natural inclinations to be less than stellar people?

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