42 comments on “Spring in Pictures: A View of My Corner of the World

  1. Very, very, very beautiful. Don’t you just love springtime. The rebirth of nature. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Happy spring.


    • Happy Spring, Karen. Yes, TN is one of the largest ranking states for high pollen this season. We’re in full bloom here. Glad you liked the photos and took the time to share your thoughts.

  2. Just love the cherry blossoms…I enjoy Magnolias in our area, but never cherry blossoms. It just doesn’t get cold enough. I think they are gorgeous! What lovely, lovely spring photos. Aren’t we all just transformed by this beautiful season! Thanks for sharing…Debra

    • For years I didn’t pay attention to the trees as they bloomed cause I was too busy “coming and going”. Now that I’m able to appreciate all of God’s creation it is the beauty I see close-up that blows me away, and yes, transformed. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Happy Spring!!

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  4. this is very lovely, we dont really have spring blossom here, but i remember it from times overseas …i remember dogwood flowering too … we are going into autumn now so it is a special delight to see a northern hemisphere view … thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome, dadirri7. I’m so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the photos. I love autumn/fall season. It is my number one favorite season. I like for it to take its time and not rush into winter. LOL. I mistakenly had one of the photos (with the white blooms) labeled as Cherry blossom tree but it’s actually a Bradford Pear tree. Enjoy autumn.

    • Thanks so much for stopping in to view the photos and leaving such kind words. I’m glad you like them. And you’re right, Mother Nature creates the beautiful masterpieces to copy. Blessings to you for a Happy Spring!

  5. Lovely – we are moving into autumn, which has its own beauty, but nothing beats Spring – the magnolias and cherry blossoms are just beautiful

    • They are truly beautiful, I agree. I love Spring for all its colors and newness of life, but suffer with its allergies. So autumn/fall is my favorite time of year. Thanks for stopping in, bluebee. May your Autumn be the best one yet. Be blessed!

    • The yellow is gorgeous. We just can’t beat Nature, can we, NeeNee? We’re so blessed to be able to see all the beauty it provides. I’m glad you love the photos. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts. Many Happy Spring blessings to you!

    • You’re welcome, Rolling, and Thank You for your visit! Glad you like the photos and took the time to leave your kind thoughts. The web has many uses but one good thing is that we’re able to connect throughout the blogsphere, to learn, grow, and sharpen each other. Be blessed!

    • I’m glad you stopped by, Ink. Thanks so much for sharing your kind thoughts. That picture was taken on a cloudy day and through my window. I had to rush to get my camera before it took off. I love red cardinals. They’re my favorite. Happy Spring blessings to you!!

    • You’re so kind, Sony!! I’m glad you found it. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in and letting me know what you think about the photos. I appreciate you. Be blessed always!

    • You’re welcome, diggingher! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and sharing your thoughts. It was kind of you to do so. May you be blessed this wonderful Spring season.

    • Thank you, dear one, for taking the time to wander over to my blog. Glad you like the photos. I appreciate you sharing your kind thoughts. I’ve visited yours and really like your posts and photos. Will visit again. Be blessed.
      “Pix and kardz” has a great blog, too.

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