6 comments on “Americans angry over gas prices – (You got that right!)

  1. This morning gas in my town in Maine was $3.95…it’s snowing so didn’t check this afternoon.
    The price of gas is obnoxious knowing especially that it affects everyone’s quality of life.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine
    PS…I finally figured out how to add the gravatar…my cat Bianca !

    • I’ve always thought it was persistent high gas prices that caused people to not have enough money to pay their mortgage payments at the beginning of the housing bust. And, yes, I totally agree with you. It affects our quality of life. For our leaders to continue allowing it to happen just comes across as power-grab.

  2. I’m still having a hard time understanding how now that we are a as producing nation, we ship gas to neighboring countries and still bilk Americans with these outrageous prices. Maybe we have gotten complacent and no longer ask questions… It really disturbs me.

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