3 comments on “Saturday Sound Off: Open Thread

  1. I’ve been staying home more! I work during the week, of course, but I’ve been trying to been less impulsive in running here and there and enjoying my time at home. I’m working on my garden, getting through piles of unread magazines, and not spending any extra money–when I’m out and about I do spend money on “things” and that’s the last thing I need…more things! I’m also entertaining “in” more than going out. I can cook a meal for friends sometimes more reasonably than going out! Debra

  2. I’ve been getting out and about more to learn the settings on my new camera. Of course, that includes walking more than I usually do. I’m amazed when I find out the amount of pictures I actually take. It’s too bad that half of what I snap is no good. LOL. But hey, I’m having fun, and that’s important too, don’t you think? I need to remember to hook my pedometer on me so that I can keep up with the number of steps I’m taking. This way I can take care of two things at one time.

    I’m some what upset over the fact that I paid so much money to buy new prescription glasses and I’m still not able to see correctly. They don’t do me any favors by having their stores lit up so brightly where I’m reading and seeing everything the way I should (at least I think I am). Then I get home, or in the restuarant, and find out I’m still blind as a dang bat. It just makes me mmmaddd…I have to make a trip back to get them corrected. Again!!

    It seems the more I try to save money, the more this economy wrestles with my purse.

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