1. meaningful dialogue (or conversation) in writing that promotes positive change.

This category, Conversations Changing America, aka, CHANGEversations, includes posts that highlights conversations taking place around America, from the politicians to the party-goers. I, the ‘tiny mouse’, may never be invited to the table, but I’m going to try and address the ‘800 lb. elephant in the corner’, nonetheless.

For many of us, it is no longer ok to ignore the obvious and avoid dealing with the inevitable. We want all these pesky situations at the table. It’s time to deal with them and put positive solutions in place for all. We want the blame game and kicking the can down the road stopped. It’s time to grow up, for the sake of our posterity.

  • Moolah Monday – posts about money and the economy.
  • Talk Back Tuesday – post worthy of debate and my viewpoints.
  • Worthless/Wacky Wednesday – post about worthless and wasteful government projects and wacky stuff in our country.
  • Thankful Thursday – because there is always someone or something deserving of our thanks.
  • Faithful Friday – posts on faith and the faithful.
  • Serve Saturday – posts on remembering and honoring our bravest men and women in uniforms.
  • Open Thread Sunday – comments of your choice posted; please observe Commenting Guidelines.